Vehicles rental – transport optimised

Our fleet of vehicles for rental is one of the most modern in Poland, with more than 4500 commercial vehicles of various segments and brands –trucks, vans, trailers and specialised vehicles. Each of these is available in a full contract, including not only the rental, but also financing, insurance, taxes, service, tyres and additional services.

TRUCK CARE is a comprehensive commercial vehicles rental service created with the transport business in mind. The answer to the needs of companies that are looking for convenient and flexible solutions. It is a modern solution in the TSL sector that will ensure the safety of any transport activity.

TRUCK CARE belongs to the strong financial group EFL, which is part of Credit Agricole S.A., one of the largest financial institutions in Europe and Credit Agricole Leasing & Factoring S.A., the most important player in the leasing and factoring sector in Europe. It is also a company of the DBK Group, Poland’s largest provider of products and services for the TSL industry.

Short- and long-term vehicle rental

We specialise in short, medium and long-term commercial vehicles rental. Thanks to our offer, entrepreneurs can continually benefit from new vehicles, the operation of which is simple and comfortable and reduces unnecessary repair costs. An extensive service network ensures constant access to repair services offered under contract.

Learn more about our fleet HERE.

Benefits stemming from vehicles rental

  • Saving time and resources
    You manage your company, work on your next orders and in the meantime we take care of your fleet and its maintenance. Car rental has never been so easy.
  • Keeping an investment capacity
    By renting a fleet of vehicles, you do not lock up your own capital and you do not worry about the loss of value of the vehicles you acquire. It’s a safe solution when you plan new investments in future.
  • Easier management of the company budget
    When you rent, your utility costs are fixed, scheduled and guaranteed in advance as a part of your contract.
  • Optimal order management
    Renting is a great business solution in a rapidly changing market.
  • Expert advisory from TRUCK CARE specialists
    We will help you choose the right vehicles for your business needs.
  • After-sales service
    The customer does not bear any additional costs for the operation of the fleet –the provision of the service is the responsibility of TRUCK CARE.

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