Financing and leasing of commercial vehicles and lorries

In effect of our extensive experience in the segment of means of transport, we have been able to implement simplified procedures for conclusion of leasing contract (without the need to produce certificates from ZUS (social insurance), from tax office or opinions from a bank) as well as quick decision-making process. We do this in line with the principle: simpler leasing makes life easier. We apply flexible and non-schematic solutions, very uncommon in most leasing companies. We adapt the repayment schedules to specific nature of our customers’ activities thus making it easier to maintain fluid and timely repayment of leasing instalments.

Services related to financing perfectly complement the comprehensive offer of the entire DBK Group, based upon Total Care philosophy. According to that philosophy, it is our ambition that our business customers might always rely on us in as many areas as possible. This also holds true to financing services – our experts from NL-Leasing company, wholly owned by DBK Group, are there to prepare the leasing offer perfectly matching both the needs and possibilities of each business.

Operational leasing is safe and time-saving way of financing investment projects and simplified procedures with no redundant formalities, enable us to make prompt decisions on financing investments.

The offer

DBK Finance is specialised in financing products offered by DBK Group – truck tractors, lorries, vans and other commercial vehicles, semitrailers, trailers and selected construction machines.

Our offer covers the following areas:

  • operational leasing,
  • leasing periods: 24 – 60 months (always in line with requirements imposed by tax regulations),
  • financing currencies: PLN and EUR,
  • the customer’s own contribution is always agreed on an individual case-to-case basis, following the analysis of an application,
  • the repayment schedule may be tailored to suit the specific nature of each customer’s activity (periodic instalments), thus enabling both parties to maintain fluid and timely repayment of leasing instalments.

Thanks to close relationship with DBK Group it is possible to apply flexible and non-typical solutions, very uncommon in most leasing companies.


Phone +48 58 300 00 59
E-mail: office@dbkfinance.com

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