Insurances – care taken for your fleet

For any investment it is quite a natural step to have it properly secured. Accordingly, to our customers we offer modern insurance programmes prepared by experts from DBK Group.

We offer the complete range of insurances – collision, comprehensive and third party insurance, property, tourism and life insurance.

In order to take real care for security and peace of mind of our customers we have developed modern insurance programmes accompanied by some preferential terms.

Due to our specialisation we are able to offer insurance products tailor-made to the TSL sector, ensuring effective security to companies and their property. The moment any insurance is verified is when a damage occurs i.e. when a vehicle awaits repair in a service shop, either ours or another. Solutions we have prepared in the area of insurance provide for the possibility of having a vehicle repaired in a 100 per cent with no additional payments whatsoever on the part of our customers.

Our insurance offer extends well beyond the typical range of motor insurances. In effect, we can insure much more than a motor vehicle: we can also secure you from consequences of other claims related to the fleet operation, including specialised vehicles. Additionally, we are able to prepare a comprehensive range of insurances for the entire company property as well as for its employees. This is not all – our consultants will eagerly assist you in choosing an appropriate insurance not related with the field of transport, from our extensive range of additional services.

Strategic sectors of DBK Financial Services activities for business:

  • property and corporate finance insurance,
  • comprehensive Programmes of Group Insurances for Employees,
  • life and health insurances,
  • protection from third party claims.
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