Quality guarantee for our customers

Sales outlets authorised by Iveco are the only ones capable of maintaining the perfect condition of your vehicle on the constant basis. That’s why Origin 100% Iveco programme was launched in the market – to consolidate us in the service of our customers.

Origin 100% Iveco was developed in particular in order to:

  • Ensure the top class service for customers and always satisfy their needs.
  • Manufacture original Iveco spare parts under the permanent programme of research and development activities and using the best quality products from the leading suppliers.

Top quality products and services, utmost care taken for our customers and consummate professional attitude – our service for Iveco customers meets their expectations in efficient and reliable manner, always maintaining their vehicles in perfect condition – this may only be offered and met by an original producer.

Spare parts and service for trailers and semitrailers

Bullder is a new, specialised brand of Iveco, exclusively dealing with parts for trailers and semitrailers, related services and after sale service.

Bullder brand. Its current product range includes:

  • brake system components,
  • shock absorbers,
  • air suspension,
  • lighting,
  • pneumatic elements.

BULLDER – all you need for your lorry, trailer or semitrailer available under one roof


Elegant design, technological innovativeness as well as outstanding usefulness and practical strengths – these are the features that distinguish the line of Iveco accessories. An extensive range of products offered by Iveco Shop, will meet any needs – practical, aesthetic, visual and aerodynamic at the same time.

Iveco accessories match performance standards of our vehicles in any respect: they allow you to personalise the cabin interior in both visual and practical aspect, enrich its external look as well as ensure driving safety and comfort both on long distances and in city traffic.

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