Comprehensive service

  • Warranty repairs
  • Repairs of air brake systems
  • Servicing of axles made by different manufacturers
  • Post-warranty repairs and repairs after accidents of lorries, commercial vehicles and semitrailers of all brands
  • Professional centre of body repair and painting work*
    • Paint shop
    • Vehicle frame straightening bed
    • Induction heater
  • District Vehicle Diagnostic Station*
  • Geometry
  • Diagnostics of WABCO brake systems
  • Installation and repair of Toll Collect
  • Calibration of tachographs
  • Reporting of damages, verification of cost-estimates
  • Repairs without cash
  • Car wash*
  • Sale of spare parts for commercial vehicles, lorries and semitrailers

* services provided in service stations in Ruda Śląska and in Białystok.

Daily Prompt Service – work done in record time

Daily Prompt Service is available for operators of Iveco Daily vehicles, providing a broad range of services and repairs which may be ordered on an ad hoc manner without the appointment made much in advance.

Daily Prompt Service includes:

  • Standard technical inspection – every 30,000 km or 40,000 km, depending on model, M1 inspection with engine oil and oil filter exchange.
  • Exchange of the exhaust system.
  • Exchange of shock absorbers.
  • Exchange of brake pads and discs, including comprehensive inspection of brake system safety.
  • Use of 100 per cent original Iveco spare parts available in competitive prices –

Non-stop Assistance

Iveco offers the 24/7 roadside assistance programme. In order to perform this vital service known as Assistance Non Stop Iveco invested in the Customer Service Centre – a purpose-established first contact point for customers to call in cases of unexpected vehicle breakdowns. The Customer Service Centre coordinates any forms of road assistance activities from the initial contact through repairs done at roadside or – whenever necessary – towing of a broken vehicle to Iveco’s authorised service station (ASO).

A toll-free phone number (00800 48 326 000*) was provided for the entire territory of Europe, where you can call urgent assistance for your broken vehicle. A team of 80 operators ensures immediate reply and quick solution to any sort of trouble, by mobilising Iveco service shop situated nearest to the breakdown site and most adequate for a given type of vehicle.

Throughout the entire assistance procedure (whether a minor roadside repair or towing followed by a serious repair in the workshop), the Customer Service Centre verifies the progress on a current basis, systematically keeps the customer informed and guarantees that the vehicle will regain its operating ability as soon as possible.

* Operators may calculate additional payments, related, for example, with making international calls or roaming. Iveco bears no responsibility for such additional payments calculated by operators.

Service and repair contracts

Elements is an integral part of the Origin 100% Iveco programme which guarantees comprehensive service to its customers – from the delivery of original spare parts through service and repair contracts. Any user may either choose one of ready-made elements of to build their combinations creating personalised solutions tailor-made to suit his specific needs. All services are provided through an extensive network of authorised Iveco sale outlets in Poland as well as using 100 per cent original spare parts.

Technical services and diagnostics

n order to recognise all kinds of problems quickly and infallibly and be able to provide efficient solutions in service shops. Iveco created a new diagnostic platform which aptly reflects the evolution of that company’ products.

The platform is called E.A.SY. (Electronic Advanced System) and enables simple diagnosis of various electronic vehicle control systems using a communication module (ECI) and a purpose-built PC computer.

The software for the E.A.SY. platform gives access through a single, intuitive interface, to a list of repairs, indexed according to symptoms.
The ECI module ensures communication with all present and future Iveco regulation segments.

The E.A.SY. platform, also thanks to cooperation with Teleservices and all other Iveco support systems, with which it is capable of getting immediate communication, constitutes the heart of the advanced Iveco diagnostics, thus gaining the status of the key for service workshops of the future.

Advanced diagnostics – Iveco opens the workshop of the future

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