Some points are worth collecting – “Szerokości” loyalty programme

“Szerokości” is a loyalty programme enabling its customers to collect points for services and purchases in over a dozen service shops owned by DBK Group. Once collected, points may be exchanged into awards any driver will certainly find attractive and useful while in travel or during rests. They include garments, tools and gadgets you will appreciate on the road. all you have to do in order to access to the programme is to apply to a service station staff, fill a short questionnaire and obtain the “Szerokości” card. From that moment on every visit in a service shop participating in the programme may bring new points added upon the user’s account and – in effect – less and less points to be sought before all desired awards are finally handed. Furthermore, it is possible to increase the number of points collected by taking advantage of current promotions (detailed information to be obtained from our service consultants). Awards available may be seen in service shops as well as on the “Szerokości” programme website.

The catalogue of awards, information on current promotions and detailed information concerning participation in the “Szerokości” programme may be found on the programme website:


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