LAG vehicles

We offer products of a renowned Belgian company LAG. Most important among them are fuel tankers, chemicals tankers and silo trailers as well as specialised semitrailers and container carriers.

Products manufactured by LAG are distinguished by their highest quality and accordingly they are ranked as premium segment. LAG puts particular emphasis upon quality control of its products.
This is extremely important for such demanding customers as shipping operators providing their services using highly specialised equipment.
Build quality and reliability of LAG machinery has been appreciated all over the world.

Sale of LAG tankers and semitrailers – please contact our representatives:

Piotr Bogdański
Sales Manager, LAG Director General
+48 608 290 126
Mazovia Province | Łódź Province | Lublin Province

Dariusz Loman
Regional Sales Manager
+48 698 622 076
Pomerania Province | West Pomerania Province | Wielkopolska Province | Kujawy-Pomerania Province | Lubuskie Province

Wojsław Modelski
Regional Sales Manager
+48 605 435 809
Lower Silesia Province | Opole Province | Silesia Province | Małopolska Province | Podkarpacie Province | Świętokrzyskie Province

Lech Żakiewicz
Business Manager – DAF Special Vehicles
+48 600 050 024
Warmia-Masuria Province | Podlasie Province


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